January new products hailun logic and challenge 20 million months to live Faceu stimulated sprouting

at the beginning of 2017, once in a year before the first ascent of App store Faceu at the top of our APPstore again continue to occupy the first free total standings – perhaps this is the first of two consecutive years topped App store list of non noble manufacturers produced APP. therefore, the author […]

How to improve web page opening speed!

when we are opening some websites, we feel that some websites have been opened, while some websites have to wait for half a day. What’s the reason for this?. I now say some improved web page open speed way:

Can Baidu’s third party tools’ security alerts really prevent security risks

doesn’t know when you’ve been browsing the web recently. There’s a line of information below the site, as shown in figure   , and after we clicked on the website, we found that we didn’t go directly to the website’s homepage, but instead jumped to the Baidu risk prompt.   When sees the tooltip, it […]

College students started five years for 4 projects ten million VCs have brushed past

,                 he thought entrepreneurship was easy; he dropped out of college after only two years of reading. Flash, 3 years later, another new semester is about to begin, continue to start business or continue their studies? tried to do the NetEase of Zhejiang Province general agent of […]

Li Xinrong my website promotion road

wrote this article, I considered for some time, and the result is to write their own experience, share with you, and I hope to learn new friends to promote the site to help. (this is a part of the real manager of Li Xinrong and summarized. Reprint, please retain the copyright. ) contact me from […]

New station 2 days to reach 3000IP, not a dream

ha ha, do not believe a friend can see my cnzz statistics. Didn’t brush it.     statistics opened 3 days, today reached the highest, tomorrow will certainly fall. Because my station’s 3 key words today all fell out on Google. Seems to have a little feeling, so every time, first let the new station […]

New business opportunities Henan trade union employment and entrepreneurship assistance Month activi

business has more and more external support, this is the entrepreneur a great encouragement and help, before the business on their own, there are many successful people, now, with such a good environment, entrepreneurship is not to be missed. 26 day, 2016 Henan trade union employment and entrepreneurship assistance month activity launch ceremony held in […]

The government website construction should take the application as the backbone

since 1990s, based on high-tech information tide force off rapidly in the world, information technology is profoundly changing the contemporary political economic and social life, but also affects the construction of our party. Only consciously adapt to changes in the objective environment, timely change of mode of work, and quickly grasp the network means, pay […]

What’s the way out for part-time information websites

learning website for a long time, has not been able to seriously sit down to do a website, recently on the recruitment websites are very interested in, so the friend claims by CMS and boast without shame to build a school site, school students part-time part-time Philharmonic site, specifically for students especially college students to […]

Two modes of user operation, centralized operation and strategic operation

[Abstract] user operation refers to the operation of the user’s contribution, activity and loyalty by means of operation, and the operation of user modules that appear in user products or integrated products.   users operate in two modes, one for centralized operations for core users, and the other for full volume user strategies. tell me […]