CN domain name to ensure the authenticity of domain name registration information

to connect to the domain name of the notice, the notice is as follows: in accordance with the order of the Ministry of information industry of People’s Republic of China No. thirtieth "Chinese Internet domain name management approach" and the relevant departments of the state’s "domain name registration information shall be true, accurate and complete" […]

To find new crown sellers online shop manager who

contact e-commerce site is a chance, but this time I contributed to the dream of a dream. graduated from the university has been working on sorrow, but did not run around here and there one of their own interest, then later, global playing games online, I think we all know, if you want to put […]

Tmall do not look at these five big Platform 2015 merchants

as the Lantern Festival ends, the new year begins. Major integrated electronic business platform have developed their own development plan, which is the most important investment direction. The day before, Tmall began targeted investment news at Mottaki, caused the attention of many. So what are the other major electricity supplier platform investment strategy in 2015? […]

Cool 6 founder Li Shanyou Sun Wukong is a mature entrepreneur

The young see "journey to the west", especially love to see the monkey king Sun Wukong in the period, he felt good prestige, on the world sea, who are equal to anything, he can not do nothing, is really worthy of the name of the "Monkey King"! Especially not love west Sun Wu in the […]

Jingdong funded Beijing Institute of Technology to create the only Chinese Football League Student C

April 9, 2010, Chinese largest B2C e-commerce company Jingdong online mall in Beijing held a "Jingdong in a pioneering Chinese students in the student football future road – online shopping mall in a Jingdong funded North Polytechnic football team" press conference, officially announced the power of Beijing Institute of Technology (hereinafter referred to as the […]

Double eleven behind the brush single industry chain send an empty package to hide the so-called bru

online double eleven shopping spree has just ended, a few articles on the shop during the double through the artificial brush single false high sales volume began to spread on the network. With the development of online shopping, in order to meet the shop owner to improve sales and praise to snatch the needs of […]

Analysis of future opportunities for China’s Internet

Analysis of future opportunities for China’s Internet

Jingdong, Ali war double eleven different play who can win the pockets of the middle class

Abstract: the future electricity supplier will be an important part of the retail market and the existence of a single electronic business platform will soon launch the stage of history.   double eleven war before the smoke in this week has become increasingly strong, the country’s two largest electricity supplier platform Jingdong and Ali announced […]

Without the fear of explosion power double 11 SF Meizu fast delivery orders

ended with double 11 carnival, turnover of 91 billion 200 million yuan to the "chop hand" to promote the draw to a successful conclusion, and then enter the consumer perspective, is the local logistics or warehouse explosion, or delayed delivery so that buyers worry the news. The Meizu Tmall flagship store as the first turnover […]

Ali road and long experts say fake embarrassment from the source

in the past month, the mood is like a roller coaster Alibaba. back a month ago, when the international anti fake Alliance (IACC), as a member of Ali, feeling excited to do countless shows between the lines, put up a pageantry of publicity. However, the ups and downs of life always makes people look back […]